Yazoo Park

  • Adventure

A Rustomjee Evershine Joint Venture Park. 12 Acre of Amusement Park. It is located inside Global City which is 217 acres, a town ship having ? 18000 flats, Schools, Hospital, Shopping Park. Amusement Park, Club House. One of the Largest Amusement Parks in Mumbai on owned property.

  • T & C

Carnival Package Includes

Carnival Package Includes more than 35 unlimited rides and 01 Game - Limited (Only Once) at Chill out zone / Funshaala - Kids for (5 mins) and Fish Pedicure for (05 min - Only Once at Sparkle Spa).


  • One of the tallest Free Fall in Mumbai
  • Mumbai's Biggest Open Air Musical Fountain Laser Show- capacity 2000+ people.
  • 1.25 Lakhs Sqft of luscious landscaping.
  • Spacious walking pathways 30 ft wide.
  • 1.25 Km Yazoo Express - gives you a tour of entire park.

Toddlers Play Area

942 Sq mtrs Below 8 Years

Animal MGR, Toddler Swing, Curve Slide, Sp Canyon Climber, Fireman Pole, Crawl Tube, Spring Rider with rubberized flooring at play injuries.

Children's Play Area

2426 Sq mtrs Above 8 Years

Arch Springs, Animal MGR, Curve Bridge, Do Jogging Drum, Bongo Climber, Balancing Bri Turnstile tower, Hula climber, Roller slides, climber, Tube slide, Glider with rubberized f places to avoid injuries.

Fitness Zone

For 12 years and above

Yazoo Park, located in virar west is home of 47+ Rides & attractions i.e. Amusement, Adventure, Thrilling Rides, Mini amphitheater, Musical Fountain, Food courts (Veg. & Non veg.), kids zone etc. Value for money for the entire family.

  • vertical swing chair

    Chairs are not Just Meant for Relaxing

    Chairs are meant for relaxing and enjoying, we took the relaxing out of and put fun instead. Go crazy with our newest ride Vertical Swing Chair. See the world go round and round in front of your eyes visit your childhood. Enjoy this spin from the top of the world. This ride cannot be missed at any cost.

  • yazoo ranger

    The Yazoo Ranger ride has finally launched in Yazoo Park

    The ranger ride comes with an impressive height of up to 60FT and gives you stunning view of the entire park! Experience the thrill of venturing upon the daring ride only at Yazoo Park.

  • disco coaster

    The Disco Fever is making its way at Yazoo Park

    Get ready to experience for the first time, the Disco experience at Yazoo Park. Our Newest ride will leave you thrilled and wanting for more. You wouldn't want to miss the ride. The Disco coaster offers the incredible weightless sensations and delivers unbelievable affairs.

  • free fall

    Mumbai's tallest free fall - Now at Yazoo Park

    Turn dizzy with excitement and experience speed like never before by hopping onto the longest free fall in the city. Enjoy a whirlwind of emotions with 12 others, as you go 90FT above the ground in just a few second and come down in half the time. So be ready to fasten your seat belts and sour up High.

  • ferris wheel

    Get on top of the world. Get Yazoooed!

    There is no place for phobic people. But for those who want to get rid of their fears, here is a chance. Yazoo Park presents the Ferris wheel. This ride gives you a 360 degree spin and offers a breath taking view right from the top. At a mind boggling speed, your excitement will surely upsurge. With a seating capacity of 4 people per bogie and a total capacity of 72 people, you can now get ready for maximum fun. It's time to hop on the Ferris wheel at Yazoo Park. Are you ready to get Yazooooed?

  • merry go round

    Fun goes round and round

    Welcome back to the good old days of childhood, where one witnessed the entertaining joyrides like Merry Go Round. The flying horses await you for a ride on their back. Joy doubles up and thrill triples up as the fierce speed of the carousel takes you around for an exhilarating pony ride. Enjoy the spin over the carousel as you pace through the glittering array of lights. 30 horses, 8 chariots, 38 passengers and a ride for a lifetime is not worth a miss!

  • bumping car

    Wham! Bam! Thud! Enjoy!

    Life rarely gives you a chance to hit a car and get away without being fined. But at Yazoo Park, we make your wildest desires come true. Welcome to the bumping car. You can ram your car on the pavement or into your competitor's vehicle and get away with it easily. More so you can bump your car number of times. A total of 10 cars with 2 people per car assures that this ride is going to be nothing less than thrill. Get ready for the cuts, passes, crashes and fun to say the least. It's an accident prone zone that you are going to enjoy.

  • dragon express

    Mega fun for your little ones

    All the little ones come aboard this exciting locomotive- "The Dragon Express". A toy train for toddlers. Watch the thrill on their faces as the train passes through anaconda's gigantic mouth. Capture the moment and keep it for a lifetime. What's more entertaining is that your kid will love each minute spent in this joy ride. Mega fun is in store for your little one.

  • inflateble castel

    Enter in to the joy mode

    Your kids will love it and you are no exception. At Yazoo Park, this is how fun is meant to be. Watch your kids go wild with the inflatable castle or Jumbo Castle. See them jump. Watch them enjoying themselves. There is more to fun than just rides. What more can you ask for when joy comes at an absolutely free price. Step in and see your kids sliding into joy mode.

  • rodio bull

    Watch your kids do a cowboy stint

    Fun takes its inspiration from the enchanting Yazoo Park at Virar. Give your children a chance to perform the cowboy stint by riding on the rodeo bull ride. This ride gives your child a bull riding experience as he tries to hold onto the toy bull while it attempts to push him away. The rodeo bull can spin, bunk, jump and turn around in 3 levels of speed giving your child a breath taking adventure. Let your little ones have their share of joy. Let them jump ahoy!

  • next cricket

    Get stumped! Get Yazooed!

    It's time to get stumped with the Yazoo Net Cricket. Stun the Gavaskars, the Shastris, and the Tendulkars of the cricketing world with the cut shots, pull shots and the marvellous cover drives. Further, the net cricket can be a useful tool for your kids too, as your kids get a first hand training of the cricketing strokes. Get ready! Get stumped! Get Yazooed!

  • bungee jumping

    International adventure at a local venue

    You don't need to travel across the globe anymore to explore your adventurous side. You can now enjoy the thrills of bungee jumping right in your backyard at Yazoo Park. There are no age bars for those who want to experience this ride. You can bounce high up in the air, flipping forward and backward as a special safety harness protects the jumpers from injuries. It's here that adventure and safety come together in a package. Step in. Freak out. Get Yazoooed.

  • walking animals

    Technology redefines joy

    Yazoo Park presents the walking animals - fully machine operated animals.A unique exclusive joy ride specially designed and engineered for your kids. Smile as they enjoy riding with horses and pandas around the park. It's also a photo capturing moment for you as you watch your little ones go bracing their favourite animals and having a delightful experience. It's time to set your kids free as they experience the wonders of modern technology.

  • kids stream ride

    Kids Steam Ride

    If you are old enough to have fun, you are old enough for Kids Steam Ride at Yazoo Park! Around every turn in our rail circuit, there is epic fun! Kids Steam Ride is fun physical interactive play for children ages 3 to 12. Your little wonder is going to have a ball of a time with these hand pedal cars on a rail circuit. It's Economical, Entertaining & Environment-Friendly! What are you waiting for?

  • mini airplane

    Mini Airplane

    Does your kid has what it takes to ride in our Mini Airplane? Keep the kids entertained all day with our park at Yazoo Park's Mini Airplane, a kiddie colorful & attractive amusement airplane. For 5 minutes your kids are set to ride their heart out on Yazoo Park's exciting airplane ride. Keeping in mind the safety requirements of kids, this ride lets the kid's imagination fly wild in the air and keep them safe & entertained. Age group limit - 12 years.

  • ball pool

    Ball Pool

    If jumping is up your alley, then bouncing amongst might be, too! Designed for the tiniest of the tots, this ball pool is the exact wave of fun and explosion that would make your kids go Yazoooeed!! This ball pool is every kid's dream with numerous colorful balls, bounces and unlimited dose of laughter and fun.

  • zip line

    Zip Line

    Who says tricks are for kids? You want to feel like a little Evel Knievel minus all the risk and broken bones, our zipline is exactly what you are seeking! Our 250 ft long Zipline awakens the spirit of wild adventure in you! Experience one of the longest Ziplines in Mumbai with a bird's eye view of the entire Yazoo Park setup. Need we say more?

  • trikke

    Trikee Bike

    Adventure, Entertainment & Fitness - It's the perfect package! It looks like a simple balancing act on a bike but it is beyond that and way more fun! The design allows the rider to constantly engage his body while riding. Trikke often referred to as "Big Boy Toy" is an activity that would appeal to all ages. Be it Fun or Fitness you are looking for? Trikke serves it all. For thrill & experience of a lifetime, don't forget to try out this latest activity on the block!

  • water roller

    Water Roller

    Let's start with a bit of questioning here. Does the thought of being in and around water a. scare you or b. appeal you? If you just answered a), it is time you face your fears and start with a little bit of strolling in water. You would be in the safest of our Zorbing nets and all you have to do is roll it to find yourself walking on the water. Does not sound a least bit scary right? And if you answered b), trying out this activity is how you can take your love to a whole new level. What are you waiting for? Be all set to Enjoy this one-of-a-kind aqua ride!

  • aqua paddler

    Aqua Peddler Boating

    We all know how impatient kids get when they have to WAIT to have fun! We at Yazoo Park believe that entertainment should not come with a waiting period, especially for kids. So when you are waiting in line at the ramp let your kids enter the boating zone. With Aqua Peddler Boating, kids can row their way into fun n frolic and build their skills and strength while they are at it!

  • bumping boat

    Bumping Boat

    We all know how impatient kids get when they have to WAIT to have fun! We at Yazoo Park believe that entertainment should not come with a waiting period, especially for kids. So when you are waiting in line at the ramp let your kids enter the boating zone. With our Battery Operated Bumping Boat, kids can row their way into fun n frolic and build their skills and strength while they are at it!

  • rifel shooting

    Rifle Shooting

    A sport is a competitive sport involving tests of proficiency (accuracy and speed). They are categorized by the type of firearm, target and distances at which targets is shot at which target is shoot at.

  • rock climbing

    Rock Climbing

    40 ft height Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber's strength, endurance, agility and balance along with mental control.

  • rappelling


    Adventure begins as soon as you step into Yazoo Park. This is a place where we promise tons and cartons of fun for young & old, big & small, healthy & not-so-healthy!Descend some of Mumbai's finest rock faces like professionals do. Wish to be a master mountaineer? Consider the wish granted.

  • archery


    Awaken the Robin Hood in You! One of the oldest games known to the human kind, archery over the years has evolved from being used for hunting & self defense to competition & recreation! Put your skills to test by challenging your friends, families & colleagues over a game of Archery! Get set & go to have a blast with your bow!

  • china spice

    An ultimate venue for a family meal

    An ultimate venue for a family meal, a venue where you don't just end up having a quality meal with your family but also end up having a memorable time. The Yazoo Floating Restaurant, surrounded by water bodies on all four sides, assures a feast like never before. Quality food, chic ambience, and the experience of dining amidst fog, mist sounds of soft waves is nothing less than surreal. Step in and choose your pick. China Spice & Indian Spice: serving authentic scrumptious Veg / Non Veg Indian & Chinese Cuisine Snack-It: Quick on the go snacks, when you don't want to miss out on even a second of fun at Yazoo Park!

  • kailash parbat

    Doesn't get any better or bigger!

    Foodies! It's time to add yet another place to your list. Yazoo Park presents the Yazoo Food Plaza managed by Kailash Parbat serving Pure Vegetarian mouth watering delectable South Indian Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Chaats, Chole Bhature and so on. The plaza guarantees a sumptuous meal that will surely satisfy your gluttony. Being the largest food joint at Yazoo Park, Food Plaza displays a vast variety of 9 food counters over an area of 190 sq ft( 325 Sqft). It is a multi-cuisine food court which caters to 9 different cuisines and accommodates up to 200 people. Located besides the big amphitheatre, this one promises a meal that stays with you forever. Total carpet area 2925 of the kitchen space and sitting area is 3000 sq ft with a sitting capacity of 300 people.

  • musical amphitheatre

    A musical melody awaits you

    Every evening turns into a pleasant one at Yazoo Park. Thanks to the Musical Fountain. Step in the amphitheatre and enjoy the fountain dancing to the tune of music. What more can you ask for when you have an area of 3111 Sq meters and seating capacity of 2000 people. The stage is set for a big evening with the musical fountain show being hosted for every 20 minutes after a break of every 30 minutes. Also this place serves as a perfect destination for you to host occasions such as marriage reception, corporate function, music launch, or be it film launch. Enjoy the musical fountain at Yazoo Park, Virar (w).

  • little wonder

    Free retreat for your kids

    It's time for your children to enter "the Little Wonder" where all play and no work makes Jack a happy boy! This swanky zone encompasses an area of 2462, catered exclusively for the kids above 3 years of age. The little wonder brings to your children a host of tiny rides which are simply irresistible such as Arch springs, Animal MGR, Double Slide, Jogging Drum, Curve bridge, Bongo Climber, Balancing Bridge, Tensile Tower, Hula Climber, Roller Slides, Orbit Climber, Tube Slide, Glider and Crawl Tube. Are you ready for some fun, are you ready for some Yazooing???

  • mini wonder

    Toddlers - Very own world awaits you!

    Yazoo Park gives the toddlers their very own little world- Mini Wonder. A creatively designed space of 942 sq ft promises big fun for your little ones. Mini Wonder is an absolutely free zone with a host of fun filled rides like Animal MGR, Sea saw, Toddler Swing, Curve Slide, Spiral Slide, Canyon Climber, Fireman Pole, Crawl Tube, Wide Slide and Spring Rider. To ensure complete safety for your child soft surfaces and rubberised flooring has been used. Let the children explore their little world and thus stimulate creative play.

  • foot pedicure

    Fish Pedicure & Foot Massage

    In here, Fish eat YOU! For everyone who like beautiful feet, get ready for the latest in the spa pampering. Prepare to dunk your footsies in the tank of water and let tiny fishes nibble the dead skin away. For people who are extra sensitive to tickles, this would be nothing less than an adventurous ride. These clever fishes flock around the feet of an individual who have abundant dead skin on their feet, leaving others with very few fishes around their feet. Embarrassing yet hilarious fish pedicure is the latest IT thing in the spa industry. After the fish riot, indulge in a super relaxing foot massage.

  • gaming zone

    Gaming Zone

    Welcome to our spacious gaming paradise which offers all types of computer games which can be played at an very affordable rate. Ultimate fun destination for the kids and the adults alike. Get lost in virtual reality experience of our extremely engaging gaming zone come spend time with video games and other thrilling rides.

Yazoo Park

Global City-Virar, Narangi Bypass Road, Virar West, Palghar, Maharashtra 401303

Yazoo Park

Global City-Virar, Narangi Bypass Road,
Virar West, Palghar, Maharashtra 401303

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