Delhi eye

  • Adventure

Delhi Eye 45-m high giant wheel which is housed in an amusement park in Kalindi Kunj is all set to roll. Major landmarks which can be seen through this Delhi Eye Giant Wheel are Qutub Minar and Red Fort to Akshardham Temple, Lotus Temple and Humayun's Tomb and a bird's-eye view of Connaught Place can be seen also.

  • T & C
  • water park

    Water Park

    The water park is an exciting and thrilling amusement park which has lots and lots of splashes of water on each ride. Be prepared for a skin soaking time as you traverse the maze of amazing water rides that we have lined up for you! From downhill waterslides to our large wave pool, we have it all! Spending a day at Delhi Ride's water park is one of the best ways to enjoy your summer vacations in the Delhi heat. The Delhi Rides water park is at par with the best water parks out there. There are limitless rides to provide you with endless hours of fun!

  • rain dance

    Rain Dance

    If you love dancing in general, then all-day our rain dance party will simply blow your mind! Enjoy the best of both worlds with the respite from the heat from swimming and all the fun of a disco. This scorching heat has left very few options for fun lovers to go and enjoy themselves in the day time. The Rain Dance comes to the rescue! Bring along your dancing buddies and sway to the latest Bollywood, Techno and Bhangra beats re-mixed live by our very own DJ!

  • live dj

    Live DJ

    The first thing you will encounter when you enter Delhi Rides is the awesome music that sets the tone for our amusement park. Our live DJ is 'hard at work' to play the most happening tunes for all of you. We make sure that only the best and the latest songs are played at Delhi Rides to set the tone. Whatever you do and wherever you go at Delhi Rides, you will definitely come out humming one of the popular tunes played by our Live DJ!

  • delhi eye

    Delhi Eye

    Giant wheel 200 ft height, only 1 of its kind in India, AC Capsules, Recorded historic story while rotating in capsules. VIP Capsules available for small private event for 5-6 people. Spectacular View of Delhi in Day and Night. It completes one rotation in 20 minutes which provide you a complete time to enjoy beautiful Delhi.

  • family train

    Family Train

    Delhi Rides is like a world full of wonders for both children and adults alike. Chug along the family train that takes you across the entire park and for a laid back view of the park while you enjoy all the sights. It's also a fun ride for the little ones and a great way to get around the park! If you have come in a large group, then the best way to get around the park and to explore it is by getting aboard the Family Train. Sit back and relax and enjoy the sights and interesting rides as you journey through our amusement park!

  • ranger

    The Ranger

    This theme park caters to everyone including serious thrill junkies. The Ranger is one such ride that will definitely blow you away! It will literally swing you into the air where you will find yourself suspended upside-down, hundreds of feet into the air for a couple of heart-stopping seconds. Go on this ride only if you're daring enough! The Ranger is a ride that was designed and developed in 1981. It is basically a ride inspired by the swing of a pendulum. The minimum height required for a person to be allowed onto this ride is 48 inches or taller!

  • bumper car

    Bumper Car

    A bumper car ride is a lot of fun especially for bad drivers! Infact, to enjoy bumper car rides thoroughly, it is mandatory to be a bad driver for maximum fun and laughs! If you're in a group and you have a crush on someone, let them know by bumping their car more than others! We promise that you will have a fun time on this classic joy ride. If you have come in a large group, then you can split yourselves into two teams and play 'tag' during the bumper car game. However, the general objective of this game is to bump as many cars as you can for maximum fun, enjoyment and laughter!

  • dragon ride

    Dragon Ride

    The dragon is a mythical creature that appears in Chinese fables and films and mostly conjures images of fear. However, the dragon ride in comparison is a polite roller-coaster ride for those uninitiated into the world of seriously thrilling rides such as the Ranger. You will find many fun rides like the dragon to suit your pace of fun at our theme park!

  • frisbee


    If the word 'frisbee' makes you think of a plastic disc that you threw in the air for your friends or pet to catch, then think again. Behind this seemingly innocent name is a giant Frisbee that will hurl you hundreds of feet into the air and back again! The Frisbee is an innovative amusement park ride that has a circular gondola which seats people. This gondola is attached to a pendulum which is connected to a sturdy base. Once the ride starts, those seated on the gondola will be swung at massive arcs of 170 degrees to a full 360 degrees in the air!

  • swing chair

    Swing Chair

    For the convenience of our patrons and to cater to the needs of each and every member of your family, from the youngest child to senior citizens we have thought of everything. The swing chairs is one such special touch for those who require a place to sit. When waiting for children to go on the next ride, the waiting lines can be long and maybe even a bit monotonous for family members. Each ride time can typically take anything from 15 - 25 minutes depending on the rush!

  • 6d theatre

    6 D Theatre

    The 6-D theatre is an upcoming attraction globally and makes Delhi Rides one of the important places to visit in Delhi. We have 6 senses, so why should we limit ourselves to films in 3D? The state-of-the-art 6D theatre lets you take a very realistic ride into a thrilling theatrical production that will have all your senses come alive! From motion controlled seating, to sensations on your skin, smells and sights that will trick your mind into blurring the lines between reality and projection. This will definitely be a ride that your mind won't forget!

  • kids zone

    Kids Zone

    Delhi Rides is one of the few amusement parks in Delhi that caters to people of all ages. It is like a complete fun and food village and theme park in Ohkla replete with fun rides and recreation. For families with toddlers, the kids zone allows you a space to unwind and relax with your child in the outdoors. It has a number of games that will keep you and your children engaged for hours on end!

Delhi eye

Kalindi Kunj, Kalindi Kunj Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110001.

Delhi eye

Kalindi Kunj, Kalindi Kunj Rd,
New Delhi, Delhi 110001

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